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Our Brand Story

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Flexmo is India’s revolutionary assistive device brand that empowers people with limited mobility to be independent, to walk anywhere and everywhere without limitations. Flexmo is for people who want to break free from their disability barriers, throw away the feeling of pity and inequality and be productive and excel in their life.  For this, we have made Pain free and slip resistant crutches for you. Know this, We are there to make you a more stronger, more vibrant and more ambitious you.

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Flexmo is a Pain Free and Slip resistant crutches.

Gone are the days when your crutches would slip and fall. Flexmo’s new-age anti-slip Axillary Crutches empowers you to walk on terrains with ease. The ergonomic-designed grips provide a natural wrist angle and even load across the palm. Be it a wet surface or snow, rocks or mud, experience pain-free and easy mobility with Flexmo.




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Flexmo Premium Underarm Crutches


  • Early rehabilitation, reduced patient load, improved independent living, increased efficiency.
    Dr. Tarun Lala- Head Physiotherapist (Max Health Group)
  • With Flexmo crutches, we advised the patient to have a walk-in their respective home as the fear of slippage is negligible, with a guardian they are doing a walk and speeding the recovery process.
    Dr. Sai- Head Physiotherapisy (Srikara Hospitals)
  • Flexmo crutches tip is designed uniquely and has taken inspiration from the human foot and the material they have used have the flexibility and weight-bearing capacity. So when patient stand with crutches, their tip do some magic that our patient won't feel that much strain in injured muscles as they feel in traditional crutches.
    Dr. Sumanth- Chief Physiotherapist (Yashoda Health Group)
  • As my wife says, “now I spend much time with my friends doing outdoor activities rather than staying in house”. Flexmo crutches open new doors of possibilities and achieving them seems to be feasible.
    Vivek- Flexmo User
  • I train by patients with confidence with Flexmo. It provides ultra-stability and slip-resistance which helps them in Speed recovery
    Mayank- Physiotherapist
  • I was sitting in a wheelchair for 10 years because the normal crutches don’t provide me stability and I tend to fall. I started walking with Flexmo on the first time without training. It is having a firm grip and stable.
    Uday Reddy- Flexmo User
  • Flexmo is very useful for me because I can transverse on any terrain. I don’t feel tired while walking with it as I felt with my previous crutches. I have fallen a couple of times in my office on wet surfaces with normal crutches where I spend more than a lakh for treatment. Now, I can walk confidently anywhere without fear.
    Raghav – Flexmo User
    Software Engineer
  • Flexmo has a propel feature which pushes you in the forward direction to take next stance and with that, I can walk more without losing my whole energy. As my friends say “You walk much faster, are you doing any workout or this is all because of Flexmo?”
    Ramesh Poora-Flexmo User
  • Flexmo crutches prove as a propitious to me, walking on any surfaces are like buttery smooth, elevated footpath are on tangible. I don't have to think twice before visiting any offices, metro stations and malls
    Avantika Dhiman-Flexmo User
  • Have you ever been to park in the rainy season, experience mud and wet grass, maybe you had, but I hadn’t since childhood tried once but slip and plunges on the ground which broke my canine after that incident only thought of going out in rain chills my bones. With Flexmo, it's all become possible. This monsoon, I walked through my garden and really my smile was ear to ear
    Pradeep-Flexmo User
  • Flexmo is very beneficial. I can walk on any surface confidently. The self-standing feature is very useful because I need not try to hold it while sitting. The shape looks very sleek and it is lightweight too. I used to slip on wet surfaces in my office with normal crutches, but with Flexmo I never.
    Suprit-Flexmo User
  • Flexmo Self-standing feature allows to sit anywhere without much worry of placing crutches. Hand grips and underarm foam allows me to enjoy rain which was day dream for me. To summarize in a sentence, Flexmo makes everything accessible.
    Abhinav-Indian Army-Flexmo User
  • Flexmo Crutches provides independence to walk. I dont get tired and was can spend much time at beach
    Bittu-Flexmo User
  • Flexmo Crutches provides you with complete flexibility. I was able to walk comfortably on slippery surfaces. I even tried it on Meghalaya.
    Dr. Satendra Singh-Flexmo User
  • I can walk anywhere and design provides stability while walking. The grip is superior and durable.
    Suresh Sonti-Flexmo User
  • Within minutes I started using those and couldn’t believe that they were actually the way she described them. I am loving them. I could now easily climb the stairs and walk with less difficulty.
  • I loved about it! To my expectations, they were “life saver” for me,
    Life Saver
Essentials of Orthopedics and Applied Physiotherapy

Flexmo Crutch is Mentioned in the Essentials of Orthopedics and Applied Physiotherapy

We are delighted that our Flagship product has been mentioned in the Joshi and Kotwal’s Essentials of Orthopedics and Applied Physiotherapy.

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