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Flexmo Premium Elbow Crutch

Get the best walking experience with Flexmo Elbow Crutches designed for all terrain and slip resistance.



Flexmo Underarm Crutches

Limitless Independence and Walking with Flexmo Underarm Crutches



Hip Guard Undergarment for Elderly

Protect your elderly loved one's hips from fracture and a subsequent surgery by our patented and clinically tested Hip Guard.


What does Flexmo Brand stand for?

Flexmo is India’s revolutionary assistive device brand that empowers people with limited mobility to be independent, to walk anywhere and everywhere without limitations. Flexmo is for people who want to break free from their disability barriers, throw away the feeling of pity and inequality and be productive and excel in their life. For this, we have made Pain free and slip resistant crutches for you. Know this, We are there to make you a more stronger, more vibrant and more ambitious you.

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