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"Human subtlety will ­never devise an ­invention more beautiful, more simple, or more direct than does nature because in her ­inventions nothing is ­lacking, and nothing is ­superfluous.”
                                                                                                      -Leonardo Da Vinci


Our feet have changed a lot over millions of years so we can walk on all kinds of surfaces. The way our ankle joint works helps us adjust to different surfaces easily. So, we took inspiration from nature


Combining the structure of the foot with the design of crutch tips ensures a balance between suspension and flexibility versus rigidity. The Flexmo tip offers unparalleled support and slip resistance for optimal performance.

Better than your foot- Just kidding

2 DOF Joint

Flexmo tip is made up of high strength plastic and military grade grip. The mechanism adopted 

Patterned Grip- Military grade

Flexmo grip is made from Nitrile Butadiene rubber often used to make military shoes. The hardness provides the sufficient abrasion resistance/ wear resistance.

Slip Test

Gait Analysis

Cyclic loading test for 10lakh cycles

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