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Driving a Inclusive Future

Flexmotiv is an assistive technology product design and manufacturing company that places its primary focus on creating innovative solutions for the elderly and individuals facing limited mobility challenges. At Flexmotiv, we firmly believe that restricted mobility should not impede one's ability to lead a fulfilling daily life. Our unwavering commitment is to transform assistive technology into an essential right for the elderly and those with physical disabilities.

empathetic design for disabled


Meet the Founders

At Flexmotiv Technologies, we are proud of our dynamic team, bringing together experts in a wide range of fields, including Human-Centric Design, Assistive Technology, and various medical specialties such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Orthopedics, and Oncology. 

Yourstory Flexmo

Arvind SA


Mr. Arvind, an MS student at IIT Delhi, boasts a remarkable track record as an Overall Product Developer with a specific focus on bio-mechatronics for an extensive period of over 5 years. During this time, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by managing teams and successfully completing three research projects

Arvind SA,  IIT Delhi, Flexmotiv

Girish Yadav

Design Head

Mr. Girish possesses a distinctive belief that nature holds the answers to every problem, and his exceptional talent lies in his ability to comprehend and emulate it. He dedicates himself to the practice of Biomimicry, applying it as a powerful tool to address a wide range of engineering challenges.

Girish yadav,  IIT Delhi, Flexmotiv


Mr. Srinivas is a mechanical engineer by profession and a natural-born designer. He holds an M. Tech in Mechanical Design from IIT Delhi and has actively contributed to collaborative projects involving AIIMS Delhi and IIT Delhi, with a primary focus on the development of cutting-edge bio-mechanical devices.

Srinivas Adepu IIT Delhi, Flexmotiv

Srinivas Adepu


Flexmo in the News

We recognize that mobility is the cornerstone of independent living, and our purpose is to empower individuals with limited mobility by providing them with cutting-edge assistive devices. Regrettably, the current landscape of assistive devices often falls short in terms of quality and is often relegated to the realm of charity rather than empowerment. Our aspiration is to redefine societal perspectives on living standards by crafting world-class products that significantly enhance the quality of life for our users.

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