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Back on your foot

Stand-EZ is a vital device in neurorehabilitation, serving as a sit-to-stand apparatus. Its primary function is to assist patients in transitioning from a seated to a standing position, all while providing just enough support. This support not only facilitates standing but also offers patients the opportunity to strengthen their trunk and arm muscles during the process. Moreover, Stand-EZ offers the added benefit of enabling patients to move within their environment while in a standing position.




Additionally, it incorporates a convenient transfer feature, simplifying the process of shifting patients or residents between two seated postures. This versatile feature can be used for various transfers, such as moving from the edge of a bed to a wheelchair or from a wheelchair to a commode or shower cabinet. In the realm of neurorehabilitation, Stand-EZ is considered an indispensable tool, playing a crucial role in aiding patients on their path to recover

In recovery, posture plays a vital role, stand-z makes you stand upstraight 


There are adjustable supports at knee, ankle and back with straps to hold the patient firmly.

Full body support

Two drivers provides both vertical movement h where the stand-ez height from ground can be maintained and other driver to make the patient stand.

Fully Automatic

The device is equipped with battery backup and can be directly plugged into the socket. The battery once charged can be last for 20 cycles of operation.

Battery backup

Stand- EZ

Senior Patient


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