I’m a Warrior

Sunil is a 55-year-old man from Rajasthan. He was diagnosed with Polio when he was just 5 years old. Yet, his disabilities never made him incompetent in achieving his goal.

He always wanted to be a teacher and for that he used to walk 5 to 6 miles every day to attend classes. Nothing could stop him from reaching his goal. He was ready to walk any distance to become what he wanted to. He always walked with this thing in his mind,


“I am handicapped, not disabled from doing any work” and that’s what has brought him to where he is today.

As they say, “Problems strengthen humans”, Sunil too faced few problems that made him stronger. The assistance aids that he was using, started giving him quite a lot of trouble. He started suffering from rashes, tingling and numbness in the hands even after he walked for a short distance. Seeing all this, his wife suggested him to use a wheelchair instead of crutches for his regular movement, but Sunil disagreed to it saying, “I will walk, whatever it takes”.

That’s when he got to know about Flexmo crutches and thought of trying it. He found out and liked the fact that Flexmo crutches had inspirations from the human feet and had cushioning and springing effect. This reduced the pressure application on the axilla area and hence avoided the compression of the axilla nerve which solved Sunil’s problem completely.


Also, he loves the uniqueness of the Flexmo crutches that their underarm supports are designed in such a way that, it reduces the pressure application and avoids traction with skin, hence reducing skin rashes.

Today, Sunil walks long miles like he used to do in his younger days. Also, he feels more confident while teaching his students.