Dreams and Aspirations   

Life with Polio can be very frustrating and sometimes it can be significantly important to get a little pick-me-up to keep from getting discouraged. There are many ups and downs in life and we all could use some inspiration to keep us headed in the right direction.  Your goal does not have to be too big and long term they can be small and empowering  one must have a right mindset to be motivated. Besides, you need to push yourself towards your goal no one other than you can push your limit. Also, you should be willing to leave your comfort zone because your true potential is going to revel when you leave your comfort zone.  being someone affected with polio, I had quite a tumultuous childhood, and Polio was never my concern in studying.

I loved studying, engaging in tricky math’s questions but my parents were always there is a constant support, even in school, I had a caretaker always there to help me out. After passing from school, I was persistent and motivated to crack the CA exam, Now I am 23 years old and my journey has been quite accomplishing and full of ups and downs. Being a CA aspirant, I was someone who overlooked my disability with hard work and dedication until a point of time, where I realized that I need better, stable and trustworthy Physical assistance and what I currently used was less of help for me. My coaching centre for the preparation of the exam was quite far away, I used to travel by myself, after all, I wanted to feel independent, doing my things my own way, when I realized that the crutches I used before, were not adapted to the rigorous travel and the things which I earlier did with help. At night I discussed this situation with my father, I told him that I was scared to use my old crutches, being very slippery, they misbalanced me even more, especially on smooth surfaces and wet floor. I detested the thought of travelling and going to my Centre, it was a time where I thought I won’t be able to be the “independent” person.

I used to attend seminars on motivational speaking in a community Centre, near my house, they had these seminars on how to feel motivated and achieve your goals, I made a friend there, Abhinav shukla, he was an engineer and was quite career-oriented and was currently doing an internship in a private electronics company, he was friendly and helped me a lot, we bonded over the seminars and never missed a single event.

One evening I was there, as usual, to attend the seminar, Abhinav came and handed me a newspaper cutting, smiling away, he said you should try these.

We settled and as I was going through the cutting, it was an advertisement, and then I came to know about Flexmo, they were quite appealing visually, with prominent features equipped for someone like me could benefit from, I ordered Flexmo, the next day itself, Thanks to the cooperative team; they delivered it to my house. The friendly service and the help provided in any consultation and details was something

I loved about it! To my expectations, they were “life saver” for me,

I was now able to balance myself, without any help, they had firm grip and a solid structure upon which I could rely on my daily basis, they were not only stable, but also user friendly and adaptive, I tried them on various other surfaces, such and wet and smooth floors, I was surprised how well they adjusted without giving any discomfort while being quite stable. I felt secure and now I had a sense of confidence that now was independent, all thanks to the incredibly user friendly and stable.

Flexmo,is a changing product that It can make people feel secure and give them the best any product can provide!