Ever since I learnt to write, there was no going back. From thinking of a problem to finding the easiest solution to it, I absolutely love the art of writing content. So much so that whenever I write a good story it gave me a sense of satisfaction that I would never get from anything else in my life and because of this, I decided to become a story writer at a very young age.

It’s been two years now since I enrolled myself for a doctorate and these special years of my life were full of ups and downs. Having stress and anxiety during PhD is normal, but getting your ankle fractured thrice in the past 2 years is something to worry about in my case. Two times it was a hairline fracture which occurred while I was practicing for the long jump tournament at the campus’s sport complex when my knee joint injured. I was prescribed a protective footwear for easy and quick recovery and had recovered from it within a month or so. But when the third time it occurred; it was severe. The incident took place when I was returning to the campus after a movie with one of my college friends who lives in Ropar, so I was alone on my bike at that time. While entering the University, I met with an accident. A drunk man was driving too rash that his car hit my bike and I lost my balance due to which I had fallen on the ground. On seeing me unconsciously lying on the road, the University gate-keeper called my hostel roommate who later took me to Chandigarh for the treatment.

On admission, the doctor examined me and after performing several tests, he told us that there is a displaced fracture in my ankle and that the surgery can cause complications, so a closed reduction technique is suggested as soon as possible. When asked about the procedure, he told that in this technique the broken bone is put back in place and allowed to grow and that it is often performed to reduce pain and avoid other serious complications. After knowing the details and looking at the need of the hour, consent was given and the procedure was performed the next day.

As the procedure completed, I was asked a day’s hospital stay before getting discharged. I was also told to keep my ankle elevated for some time and for this purpose the doctor provided me the traditional axillary crutches along with some medications and told me to take some rest on the day when I was discharged. The ambulance dropped us near the hostel and on a stretcher, I was taken to my room. My roommate stayed by my side all the time and this made me see my true friend during that phase making so emotional and happy. My classes were going on at that time, but due to my condition I had taken a few weeks off.

After 2 weeks of rest when the doctor said that my condition is improving, I resumed my classes again. But that wasn’t enough. The crutches which were provided to me were bothering me.

Due to their weight, I used to get tired easily that my mobility limited. Along with that, they were neither slip-resistant nor stable due to which I couldn’t take them to the washroom as one day when I took them there, I slipped.

Thankfully the peon helped me and I got no injury. After this incident I decided that there was a risk in taking them to the washroom, hence I should use the walker for this purpose. But would walker help me in traveling to the classes and the labs? I thought. The answer was no, as for reaching there I would have to use the stairs, and with walker it was not a feasible idea. But as a PhD student, I should be present in the classes and the labs, I thought. Thinking about the solution, I was sitting in my room that suddenly I heard some voice. Looking at the trouble I had in movement and locomotion, my roommate went out alone to see what was happening. As he came out, he got to know that one of the hostel members was making an announcement about some workshop in the evening at the visitor’s room of the hostel and that the professors had asked all of us to attend that. In the evening, everybody reached there. The room was at the ground floor near the gymnasium area. Since the crutches were bothering me, so I used the walker and the lift to reach there with my roommate. The workshop was about the successful start-ups of our college. All the founders came and shared their experiences.

Among them, there was one which took my attention and as soon as the workshop ended, I contacted to him. He was the founder of Flexmotiv Technologies and his product was a uniquely designed crutch. The features of the product attracted me a lot towards it that now I wanted to give it a try. When I contacted him, I found him so humble and polite. He told everything about his product and I shared my problem with him. Luckily, he had a set at that time and after listening to my problem, he asked me to try it. The satisfaction and comfort I felt on using these crutches couldn’t be described.

I wasn’t feeling tired. Additionally, they were so light weight and slip-resistant! I could now easily attend my lectures and take these to the washroom too without any worry, I thought.

Looking at the smile on my face, he asked me do you want it? I just said, “yes please, these are too good!”  I purchased those crutches at a low cost and I am too happy about it now. I thanked him for giving me this. After he went, I went to the organizer and thanked them as well, as this workshop helped me a lot.

On reaching my room, I received a call from my parents in Shimla and they were asking me to come home as soon as possible as during that time there was a news about the closure of the institutions and a country-wide lockdown for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the following week. Immediately after talking to them, I got my tickets booked for Shimla and left the hostel the very next day. I was feeling so grateful to God and team Flexmo that at the right time I met them. I could now easily commute to the railway station and go back home. The journey was too friendly and by the afternoon, I reached my destination safely.