A Special Week

A Special Week

The work done by a house-keeper is really a tough job, but it becomes tougher when done by a person with polio. Born to a poverty-stricken family and getting diagnosed with polio at a very young age, hardships never failed to surprise me. In fact, getting used to them was my only motivation to get out of them, so I started working as a maidservant at Lekshma Reddy’s house and have been working there for quite a long time. She is a soft-spoken, kind and smart lady and working at her house never makes me feel like an outsider. Ever since I was diagnosed with polio in my left leg, I have been using the traditional crutches, which were given to me by the government as our financial condition was very poor.

Initially, I was trying to find a way to cope up with my disease such that it does not hamper my work, but as the days passed, I realised that the traditional crutches I have been using for support were not letting me do so. I would get tired so easily and even the activities like climbing the stairs or walking would trouble me. They were not even stable or slip-resistant. In fact, one day when I went to the nearby Lord Shiva Temple with Lekshma madam, I slipped so badly that I got a sprain in my leg. This happened because my crutches couldn’t resist the tiles on the floor of the temple and hence, I slipped while managing them. Lekshma madam helped me in getting up, while the two young ladies who came to visit the temple helped me and Lekshma madam reach home safely. On reaching home, madam allowed me to rest on the bed, and went to bring some ice and pain relief medications. Meanwhile, the ladies who came to drop us had gone back to their home.

For some time, madam had asked me to stay at her house until my sprain was completely cured. The love and care I received during that period was very special and heart-warming. She didn’t made feel like the maid of her house and gave me equal respect as the other members of her family. After a few days, my leg was all right and I felt better. I thought that from the next day I will get back to my work and go back home after that, as it’s been a week since I last met my family. The next morning when I got up and looked for my crutches, I couldn’t find them. I was surprised as this never happened. I called madam in a loud and stressed voice to ask her for my crutches. As she came, she looked at me, smiled and gave no answer. After a few moments she asked me to sit on the wheelchair and accompany her till the living room. On the table I could see something wrapped in a gift wrap, but thinking of it as madam’s, I didn’t give much thought to it.

But later on, when she picked up that gift and gave it to me saying, “God bless you Seeta”, I was surprised as well as happy. In a shy tone I said, “thank you” and received it.

On doing so, madam asked me to open it immediately as she wanted to see my expressions. When I opened it, I found some uniquely designed brand new crutches which were of my favourite colour red and were light weight too. On asking her, ‘why this?’, she said that she couldn’t see me struggling so hard with those traditional crutches, so she purchased a new set which was better than the old ones. She got to know about them through a friend and when she told me about the rest of its features, my happiness knew no bounds. She told me that they are slip-resistant and stable and also jokingly said that I could now run like Milkha Singh using them. I laughed so hard and gave her a tight hug with tears in my eyes. She asked me to stand up and give the new crutches a try.

Within minutes I started using those and couldn’t believe that they were actually the way she described them. I am loving them. I could now easily climb the stairs and walk with less difficulty.

Along with that, I being a religious person likes to visit temple every Tuesday, and using this I could now easily go there without slipping and spraining my leg! I could never forget this day of my life.It was so special. I have no words to describe my feeling, but I can just say that it’s a good one indeed. Kind people are hard to find these days, and those who care for you and give you such gifts like the way she did are true human beings.