Raghav Patil is a middle-class man from Maharashtra. He was diagnosed with Polio when he was as young as 9 years old.

Ever since childhood Raghav, always had this ambition to become a successful and well-established man. He never saw his disabilities as an interference in the harmony of his sedulous dedication.

Instead he believed in the saying that “Disability is just psychology”. At the age of 22 he finished his graduation and became a professional banker.

Despite having a strong mindset of a fighter, Raghav suffered lots of hiccups due to his polio affected limb. Initially he used to walk with the help of axillary crutches, the ordinary ones that have round-tip at the bottom. These crutches are comparatively less stable and tend to slip on smooth surfaces like tiles, marbles, etc. due to their single point of contact, and the tendency of tip wearing out after a few months. Also due to the provision of metal pipe in the front of the handle, users feel the urge to hold it continuously causing Callous formation on the palm.

Later, Raghav came across Flexmo crutches and thought of trying them to see the difference. On trying them, he immediately fell in love with the Flexmo crutches. He understood how our crutches are fabricated and permanently shifted from ordinary crutches to Flexmo Crutches.

Flexmo crutches have been fabricated after taking inspiration from a human foot. They have dual point of contact with the ground and provide extraordinary support and unmatched stability.

Flexmo built confidence in Raghav to break boundaries and made him free from all constraints.

It gave him confidence to walk on all terrains without even getting a thought of slipping and falling. Our crutches mitigated all the destitute factors which once stopped him from going limitless.

Today, Raghav is a very independent man. He goes on morning walks with his wife, visits market to buy groceries and does every other thing that a normal man does in his day to day life.