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Bio-mimicry- A nature inspired design

Human foot has been evolved from thousands of years together to walk on any kind of surface, because of its 3 point of contact. The three point of contact is provided by a single point on heel and two points on toe.

Flexmo crutches tip are designed with extreme engineering optimization reach the gripping capabilities of foot. This particular design enhances the stability on  any kind of terrain.

How good the Grip is ???? You can trek comfortably with Flexmo

How did we make sure you have the best walking experience?

Flexmo Crutches during Swing through can reduce upto 40% energy expenditure as compared to traditional crutch.

The Reason behind the energy saving

1. Stability provided by the crutch

2. Energy storage in the tip bending.

3. Reducing shock absorption.

How Flexmo saves your energy?