Hip Guard for Elderly (Pack of 2) - Go Flexmo

Fearless and safe Walking with Flexmo Hip Guard

Protect your elderly loved ones from Hip Fracture due to falls

For elderly, walking is an important exercise, possibily the only exercise. Protect their hips from fracture with our hip guard and provide them the confidence to walk further without fear.

Comforable and Breathable Fabric

Reduced hip fracture by 60%

Hand and Machine Washable

Available for Men and Women

Clinically validated at AIIMS New Delhi

Reduces Hip Fracture due to Falls by 60%

Flexmo Hip Guard absorbs the impact of the fall, reducing the impact felt by the hip bones and thus the chance of hip fracture. Clinical trials at AIIMS New Delhi and manyu other international institutes have proven that usage of a hip guard reduces change of Hip fracrture by 60%. Read detailed Clincial report here

Comfortable and Compatible with Pants and Jeans

Flexmo hip guard are not bulky like foam protectors, they are sleek enough to be easily worn under pants or jeans in a discreet manner without sacrificing style. No one will know you are wearing a hip protector.

Washable by Hand or Machine

Flexmo Hip Guards are easily washable by hands or by machine. Just remember to remove the plastic pad out before washing else you will have a noisy laundry.


Buy now, walk better and be safe from Hip fractures

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