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Limitless Independence and Walking with Flexmo Elbow Crutches

Get the best walking experience with Flexmo Elbow Crutches

For a modern lifestyle, we bring you a premium elbow crutches for comfortable walking, and faster recovery.

All Terrain stability and Slip Resistance

Fresh new Style

Reduced fall upto 98%

Ergnomic design for comfort and Rehabilitation

Clinically validated at AIIMS New Delhi

Slip Resistance and Stability on any terrain

Our Tip has been designed to mimic the human foot with three indpendent points of contact which conform to uneven surfaces providing you ultimate stability. The higher surface are of contact along with specialized rubber grips removes water away and holds the surface thus preventing slippage. We have tested our crutches on wet surfaces, snow, sand, mud.

So Stylish that you will want to flaunt it

Confidence is everything, Forget muted grey colors, stand out in the crowd with style and flamboyant attraction, Our crutches are aesthetically design to turn people's attention to your charisma, any place, any occassion

Reduce falls, suffering and medical bills by 98%

Why go through the pain of falling down, risking further complication and medical bills. With our better slip resistance and stability, our customers have experienced drastic reduction in falls and subsequent medical expenses.


How is Flexmo Elbow crutches better than the regular Crutches



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