Portable isolation room - Isoroom for COVID-19, WHO Guideline specific
Side View of portable isolation room

Every Hospital must be prepared to meet any kind of epidemics and pandemics in future

Are you prepared? Get our Portable Isolation Room and have be assured that the infection is contained within the room.

Flexmo IsoRoom - Portable Isolation Rooms

Our Portable Isolation rooms are modular, space saving. They can be deployed anywhere. The combination of  negative Pressure and HEPA Air Filtration System ensures safety. The portability gives you the freedom to deploy a safe isolated bed anywhere, at any time and take it down whenever not required (such as after epidemic is over), giving you maximum efficiency of your space. It comes with an Ante room allowing a secure place for disinfection before entering the actual chamber. This is specially important during epidemics like COVID-19

Side View of portable isolation room
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For Government Buyers - We are available on GEM

For Government buyers, we are available on the GEM Website with our special offer and ease of order.

Features of Our Portable Isolation room

WHO Guidelines for Portable isolation room

Complies with Guidelines of WHO and CDC

We made our isolation room keeping in mind the guideliness given by WHO and CDC. This ensures that the room safely contains the infection.

Scalable - Install when needed and Remove when not needed

Our isolation room is designed to be easily erected and removed at ease within ours, giving you the complete freedom of flexibility.

HEPA filter for portable isolation room

HEPA Filter with 99.97% Efficiency

We Use Class 7 HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of the contaminants giving you a clear air movement within the room.

Negative Pressure inside room ensures that infection is contained

With Negative pressure inside the portable isolation room, air is sucked inside whenever the door is opened ensuring that any chance of contaminated air from inside is not passed outside.

Negative pressure diagram for portable isolation room
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Space saving, Maximum efficiency of floor spacing

With the portable isolation room, you can convert a normal bed into an isolated bed, thus giving you the space efficiency

Low Maintainence, No worries

With our low maintenance design and optional AMC service, you do not have to worry about maintaining it. We will do it for you.

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Designed with love by Students of IIT Delhi and Flexmotiv

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