Our Journey


Flexmotiv was founded by three students of IIT Delhi with the aim of changing the way Mobility aid capitalization is perceived and improving the Quality of life of our users through well designed products and delivery mechanisms.

2017- The necessity

One of our friend’s got injured while playing basket ball and  was facing a lot of difficulty in using regular crutches. He had serious trouble climbing stairs and was even struggling to walk with them.

We thought why not use the design you see in prosthetic legs, especially used by runners and mountaineers, and put it in a crutch to see how it works.

We approached Dr. Rajesh Malhotra to get feedback on the idea we generated. He is very happy with the design and suggested Flexmotiv team to take the project ahead.

Incorporation of Flexmotiv- Aug,2017

Flexmotiv in 2018 along with various organizations across India to understand the problems faced by Crutch users.The study has been conducted considering various demographics like age, sex, type of disability, occupation, type of environment with various NGOs like AADI, Jaipur Foot, Freedom Foundation and hospitals like AIIMS-Delhi, Military Hospital Kirkee. Apart from the users,the stake holders like physiotherapist, rehabilitation experts, occupational therapists, orthopedic doctors were also interviewed to understand the prescription of crutches followed by training.

Funding from Dept. of Biotechnology-2018

Flexmotiv received funding support under BIG scheme from Indian Govt. to successfully commercialize the Flexmo. Flexmo design was transformed 4 times to achieve the best.


Flexmo Crutches Launch-Aug 2019

Flexmo Crutches were launched by Dr. Renu Swarup, Secretary Dept. Of Biotechnology. The event was headed by Prof. P V Mandhusudhan Rao, Prof. Sudipto Mukherjee, Prof. Khatait, Prof. Balakrishan, Prof. Rajesh Malhotra etc.