Choosing something, when there are other options available, is always a tough job. It becomes even more difficult when that something is a necessity than being bought out of just interest. Crutches come under the category of products that are bought out of need. There are generally two types of crutches:

  • Underarm or axillary crutches
  • Forearm or elbow crutches

Whenever someone needs to buy crutches, they get confused on which type to buy. These are not the things you can decide on by tossing a coin. You need to know the difference between these two to know which is better suited to your physical condition. And it is important, not just for those buying crutches for the first time, it is also important for those using crutches of a particular type without knowing the reason for it.

Balance and Movement
The foremost thing to consider while choosing crutches for yourself is balance. Without a proper balance, you cannot stand properly. Underarm crutches will suit you better if you do not have a good balance in your body. It is easier to make a balance and co-ordination if you are using underarm crutches. But these will also restrict your movement.

You can walk with a different gait in different terrains using elbow crutches. If you have the strength to balance yourself with forearm crutches, then you can enjoy the freedom of movement without getting tired fast. Climbing up and down the stairs is also much easier with elbow crutches.

Upper-body Strength
A lot of people live in a misconception that all you need is strong arms for walking boldly with crutches. As a matter of fact, crutches take away body weights from the legs to distribute it to upper body Though elbow crutches are more just in distributing the weight as compared to the underarm crutches.

Both kinds of crutches rely on a significant amount of upper-body strength but elbow crutches requires it more. Axillary crutches can help you walk even if you have lower upper-body strength. Elbow crutches though, need you to have good strength in your arms, abdominal muscles and pelvic region muscles.

When it comes to the correct posture, elbow crutches are a better option than axillary crutches. As they encourage the user to stand tall and straight. It is way easier to walk with elbow crutches if you have a good posture. Using forearm crutches improves your posture to improve your comfort in walking.

In sharp contrast, most of the underarm crutch users slouch over their crutches. Using underarm crutches takes a toll on a person’s posture. It also has the loophole for cheating too as they may knowingly or unknowingly put all their weight on crutches and their shoulders when feeling fatigued. By this, they start dragging themselves instead of walking which is not possible in elbow crutches.

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