In India, Coronavirus has hit almost every part of the country with government declaring a multiple lockdowns. It is important to stay indoors to save yourself, family and community from the deadly Coronavirus. Washing hands thoroughly with soap and other basic hygiene steps must be followed without fail.

When you are a wheelchair or crutch user, taking care of hygiene of your assistive aid is very important because they are frequently touched by you as well as others. According to reports, the virus can stay on steel, aluminum and even plastic for a longer time.

Need for cleaning during regular intervals

Studies say that Coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for over 72 hours. That is why your wheelchair or crutches must be cleaned at regular intervals. Use a disinfectant or strong lotion to clean the equipment.

If you have gone outdoors, make sure that you clean your wheelchair or crutches before entering the house. In fact, you can try and clean your equipment every one hour, if possible.

Priya Bhargava, who is a wheelchair user, is a psychologist and beauty pageant winner.

It is necessary to not just wash your hands, but the equipment you use as well. I do this on a regular basis. If possible, one should keep two sets of wheelchair or equipment. One for indoors and the other one for outdoors. Regular cleaning is important since wheelchair is something which gets in direct contact with surroundings as well as our body. It can be infectious too. Wheelchair wheels are dirtier than our shoes. Disabled people are more prone to infections than others. Hygiene must be a ritual

– Priya Bhargava, Wheelchair user.

What needs to be cleaned?

Most of the parts of a crutch or a wheelchair are touched not just by you, but by caregivers and supporters too. That is why disinfecting these devices are extremely important.

This includes head rest, joystick, head and mouth controls, head and arm rests, back of the wheelchair, push handles and side guards. Remember, it might seem a tough task to keep cleaning them. But it is extremely essential and inevitable during the hard times.

I’am cleaning my wheelchair really well. Most importantly, I’am not getting out of my house

Vinayana Khurana, a wheelchair user from Delhi.

How to clean the devices?

According to experts, alcohol-based solutions are best to kill Coronavirus. There are many cleaning solutions that are available in the market now. Try one of them on your devices.

If there are no alcohol-based solutions available, try and use soap-based ones for best results.

But also make sure of your personal hygiene. That is, clean your hands with soap or hand-wash every one hour even if you are sitting indoors. Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and then use a sanitizer. Wipe it off using a clean tissue or cloth.